Managing Partner

Gina Salcedo

After 13 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, Gina Salcedo has perfected the ins and outs of the closing process. She began her career as a processor for a law firm that served one of the biggest Real Estate companies in South Florida. While working at the law firm, she mastered each phase […]

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Jennifer Arganaraz

Jennifer Arganaraz has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. Straight out of high school, she began processing title and quickly learned that her facility to manage numbers gave her the edge to explore the mortgage side of this business. Jennifer went on to become a successful licensed mortgage broker for 12

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Meyling Montelongo

Meyling is a passionate Lic. Title Agent and Real Estate professional servicing the Florida market.  She is integrity-based and ready to provide result-driven solutions to the real estate community. She specializes in all types of real estate transactions providing the proper closing strategies and solutions tailored to each transaction for the best possible outcome. Building

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