Gina Salcedo

Managing Partner

After 13 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, Gina Salcedo has perfected the ins and outs of the closing process. She began her career as a processor for a law firm that served one of the biggest Real Estate companies in South Florida. While working at the law firm, she mastered each phase of the closing process. Because of her exemplary work ethic and dedication to her clients, she was promoted to Firm Manager. Gina became part of our NU World family in 2015 after she moved to Miami from Broward County. Gina believes in staying solution-focused. She utilizes her skills and positive attitude to quickly overcome any difficulty that may arise, which gives her clients the peace of mind that their transactions will be handled efficiently and professionally. Her ability to provide excellent customer service has resulted in long-term business relationships with many real estate professionals. She values building close personal relationships and providing world-class service to every party involved in a transaction.

“My goal is to facilitate the closing process for my clients because my success is measured by theirs.”

Tel: 954.683.3539

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