When you finally buy the home of your dreams in Miami, your mind might be filled with visions of housewarming parties and spending your days enjoying the comfort of your new residence. Yet before you even move in, it’s important to recognize that the home buying process can involve lot of paperwork to ensure that there are no glitches in your investment.

An essential part of this process is a title or lien search in Miami. This lets you know if there are any risks associated with your property purchase and helps you discover potential liabilities with the help of a title company.

lien search

Lien Searches, Defined

When you purchase a house from a seller, an important question to ask is if there are any outstanding debts against that property. While the seller might declare the home clear and free from liabilities, you still need to verify if that statement is true.

To do so, your title company will conduct a title search in Miami. This is often done backwards to shed light on elements such as the property’s legal description, the name of its current owner, all judgments, liens, encumbrances, liens, and other records and documents that pertain to your potential purchase.

Should there be any outstanding issues, your title company will work to with the seller to ensure that these issues are resolved, removed, or paid before you close. Otherwise, the property will be unable to close.

Never Forget Title Insurance

Apart from the lien search, you also need to acquire title insurance to protect yourself from any trouble in connection to the property you are planning to purchase. This is an essential safeguard to financial loss should you encounter title defects such as phony titles or breach of warranties.

Buying a Home Wisely

While purchasing a new home can certainly make anyone giddy, always remember that this is a serious and major financial investment. Title searches and title insurance help ensure that the transfer of your new home’s title is legal and safe.

Do ample research to find an experienced title company in Miami to guide you through this process so you and your loved ones can enjoy your new home in no time.

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