So, you finally decided to settle down in Miami. It’s hard to regret this decision with this city’s innovative food scene, striking culture, and endless shopping options. You and your loved ones also get to enjoy perfect weather year-round, and you’re closer than ever to gorgeous beaches that make every single day a vacation. Finally, Miami is filled with excellent schools and job opportunities that ensure you have everything you need in this wonderful city.

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Before reaping the rewards, however, comes the hard work. With the help of a title company in Miami, you have to get started on wading through the complexities of the real estate world. This includes a lien search on the property you plan on purchasing in Miami.

What’s a lien search, anyway?

A home buyer should always be skeptical about the property they are planning to purchase to ensure that they don’t run into trouble somewhere down the line. This is where the lien search comes in, and this will be handled by your title company. During a lien search, vital information is unearthed, such as any outstanding debts on the home. A lien search uncovers the title history of the home, including all judgments, liens, and encumbrances. In addition, you also learn of the home’s legal description and the complete name of the current owner. Pertinent facts such as these will help you make an informed decision.

What if issues come up during the lien search?

Should there be any problems, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have to let go of your potential purchase. Your title company will take the necessary steps to resolve these issues. For instance, they may work with the seller to assist them in paying outstanding debts. If this is not done, both parties will be unable to close the sale.

A lien search helps protect you from future headaches. Potential liabilities are removed so the purchase can proceed without any glitches.

Is a lien search enough?

A lien search is just one part of the home buying process. Your title company will also conduct a title search to ensure everything is legal and correct. The title company will also help you get title insurance. They’ll act as a middleman between you and the insurance company to get you coverage. This is a vital safeguard from defects or clouds such as breach of warranties or phony titles.

A lien search, title search, and title insurance are just some of the ways that your title company will facilitate your real estate purchase. Make sure to hire a local title company in that knows the ins and outs of the Miami housing market to help guide you through the experience.

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